Sore Penis Syndrome The Causes Symptoms And Best Treatments

This creates acrylamides (known carcinogens). Also heating most fats to frying temperatures causes them to lose the majority of their enzymes and nutrients causing them to breakdown into trans fats. For safer occasional frying use organic coconut oil. Stir fried or slightly steamed are the next best. When shopping for your vegetables, always make organic your first choice. Non-organic vegetables are frequently sprayed with pesticides. Some may be the result of trauma or aggressive sexual activity, while others are caused by infections and other illnesses. Sore Penis Symptoms The symptoms of penis pain vary, depending on the cause of the pain. However, the most common symptoms of a sore penis are as follows: Erectile dysfunction, difficulty urinating, painful ejaculation, penis bruising, bleeding and swelling, penis lumps and sores, penis rashes and itching, and urethral discharge.

Another symptom is dysuria. Dysuria is a complication connected to genitourinary infections which cause painful urination. This is because the infection has spread to the urinary tract which further causes urinary tract infections. This is why it’s critical that your doctor interpret the results. Prostate cancer if caught in its early stages is treatable and curable. Don’t wait until it is too late to have this important test done. Sugar Avoid the white stuff and all those sugar substitutes, use organic honey instead. Sugar is fattening and has the potential to lead to Type 2 Diabetes. Sugar also has the ability to neutralize the effectiveness of your immune system for approximately 8 hours after ingestion.

However, lots of men consider prostate massage and examination of the prostate gland to be a homosexual thing and are against any experiences related to prostate massage. It is worth remembering that at present prostate massage is no longer a way to experience sexual pleasure but a safe way for a man to stay healthy throughout life. Even though you are receiving trace amounts each time, years of accumulative trace amounts result in mass amounts. A positive attitude and a cheerful personality can go a long way in curing any kind of cancer not only prostate cancer. Chronic Prostatitis Treatment Antibiotics have been the pillar of treatment for chronic prostatitis for many years.

This basically turns off your body’s most important defensive mechanism for 8 hours after the occurrence making you vulnerable to any number of serious diseases just waiting for an opportunity to attack your weakened defenses. Many of these items contain dairy products. The basic perception, as promoted by the dairy industry, is that dairy products are healthy. They portray images of healthy cows happily munching grass in the wide open spaces of the pasture. There are radiation and chemotherapy treatments for the elimination of cancer from the body. Along with undergoing treatment for cancer it is important to stay positive and be happy. Other foods like green tea, cold water fish, and beans also help in the prevention of enlargement of the prostate and cancer.

We eat their meat, drink their milk and now traces of those antibiotics are now absorbed into our systems. So you say “whats the problem, antibiotics fight disease, that’s a good thing”. Remember when you were a kid, your mother warned not to eat too much candy ? As the tumor grows, it has the potential to spread to other areas of the Prostate and adjacent areas. In a worst case scenario, it can spread to other areas or bones. Successful natural treatment consists of change of diet, change of lifestyle, and taking dietary supplements. What You Should Know In the United States and Europe, the basic diet consists of a large percentage of animal fats, especially dairy foods like butter, yogurt, cheese, and milk.